Ingredients Business Retreat

In short: intense personal and business development. This is not an average women leadership training, this is wellness at work! We dreamed up the most inspiring and rewarding time away from home and put those ingredients together: Nature, Insightful exercises, Sisterhood, Real food, Yoga and Bon fire. This combination has proven to give you more focus, energy and network support!

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Why you will LOVE it

Three main reasons why our guest praise the WE Club Business Retreat


A place where you revitalize. Where you can be yourself.  Where you feel free to laugh, cry, dance and express yourself. Work and pleasure can be mixed and prove to bring better business results!


No distractions, just you, your dream and our team to make it happen! Comfortably develop your business with the tools we provide. Grow confident to do what YOU want.   


A group of like minded women that have your back when you need it. Experience a deep sense of belonging when you become part of a community of women who do business their own way.

Skinny Dipping

Marja and Pauline are working as a team. Together WE are building and growing the WE Club. The WE Club helps us to scratch our own itch. We write each other WEEKLY LETTERS to make sense of questions we have about being a woman and an entrepreneur. About how we can do business our OWN WAY. How we can become and remain authentic and vulnerable. The stuff we work with at our Business Retreats. We go naked, not even a teeny weeny little bikini to hide behind.  Yes, we are going skinny dipping. Whaaaaaa! Will you join us?

Nowadays, building your own business is now easy thanks to the help of the internet. You don't necessarily need to buy or rent your own space for your business because you can simply start at home. Moreover, you can freely advertise your products and services that you are offering using the social media sites or by creating your own website. All you need is a capital to start up your business and an internet connection then you are good to go. However, the challenge is gaining customers and getting their continuous support. One way to entice them into purchasing is by using promo codes or organizing a sale event, especially during the holidays. Generally, people don’t mind spending a bit during Christmas seasons. Asos, a famous British online fashion and beauty store, is also using this strategy. You can use asos promotion code to get discounts on your purchase.

In order to make your business move forward, you need to think of a different perspective that is the reason why a retreat is good for your business. It could help your employees interact with each other and collaborate ideas that would help in your business success. Most probably, there are those who cannot speak when they are in the workplace maybe because they are introverts and they do not have the guts. But, if they think they belong to the group, they will feel more comfortable, which will lead them to be more productive. Who knows? They have better ideas to make your business excellent!

Furthermore, it is the best time for your subordinates to relax. Even if they are given time to just sit and think, these actions are still considered as work. Great ideas will just pop up if the mind of a person is in peace. And of course, an individual has its own set of attributes that could help fill up the gap of another. Besides, it is a form of investment because it helps your subordinates grow and develop. If you are planning for a business retreat and if you have things needed, check on the different online shops of India.

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle your OWN way!

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle your OWN way!

Posted by on Dec 25, 2015

Dearest Marja, First of all: Merry Christmas! I hope you celebrate Christmas surrounded by your loved ones. I also hope you’ll get a chance to recover from all the video-and-newsletter-making excitement… This Christmas will be a continuing of those first times for me: First time of cooking for 12 people, first time I’ll replace my […]

What was your first time like?

What was your first time like?

Posted by on Dec 21, 2015

Since our correspondence is all about being authentic and true to ourselves I decided to do just that and tell you I am not in the mood…I think I used all my creative juices and energy for the video we filmed today.

And then…there was just peace and quietness

And then…there was just peace and quietness

Posted by on Dec 11, 2015

Dearest Marja, Wow. That must have felt like one big admittance of failure (even though you correctly labeled it as an experiment). I salute you! Also, I’d like to thank you for making it easier to share mine. It’s a very human response, but worth mentioning in my opinion: Show me yours, and I’ll show […]

14 ambitious independent women

3 days business wellness

together getting empowered, building our businesses & celebrating life

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Praise from the participants

The Business Retreat is a catalyst for deep connection between the participants. As an independent entrepreneur you long for a place to brainstorm and reflect with likeminded. WE also have each others back after the retreat. You are not on your own!

“It was the best Business Retreat I have ever been to! I had so much fun, and it felt we spent a life time together, taking huge steps, encouraging each other and bringing up the best part of each other.”

- Chiara van den Berg

” The Business Retreat was a unique experience that brought me in contact with my values and vision and an amazing group of women. I feel so gifted with all the great tools and the power of defining my own way of doing business I experienced.”

- Leonie Hochrein

“Finally found time to just think about me and my business, how to design it, whats the purpose of it and how to go on. Got an inspiration how to start and met other supportive and successful women to share ideas, thoughts and good discussions. “

- Stefanie Jirgal
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